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If you want to enjoy your Sunday, download the best mobile status to show your feeling about today. Wish your followers a Happy Sunday. Happy Sunday Image Download. The Best wishing quotes download. Happy Sunday wishing card download here. The best way to Happy Sunday.

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Story a cup of coffee

Ravnish was a 19-year-old young boy. He sold roses at Ruina hills station. From morning to evening, in the sun and in the rain, he does not stop selling. At the end of the day, he could earn only his food. He lived alone in his wooden cottage, surrounded by a beautiful garden. He had a simple dream as he was. He wanted to have a beautiful life partner. But he was upset about who would marry him as he could not earn enough money to manage a family.

One day, Ravnish, while going to sell his roses, he met an old man. The old man "Youngster, I need a rose for my wife but have no money to pay." He gave him a beautiful rose as a gift. The old man thanked him and leave the place. His rose-selling business was not successful enough. He was depressed and unable to decide his future. 

One Sunday morning, he decided to take a rest and would go to spend his day. He visited Mariana Cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee. When he asked for the bill, the waiter bring a note and handed him. On it was written, "Thank you for visiting my cafe, It is a treat from me." He and the old man became good friends. Ravnish shared his problem with the old man and he got an idea. The old man told him that he would open a new branch of his cafe for couples in Runia and they would serve a rose with two cups of coffee with the couple.

The New Cafe became popular with the name Rose Cafe. The rose become necessary with the coffee. The business was successful enough for both Ravnish and the old man.

The moral of the story: We should take a rest from our work and Sunday is the best day to enjoy the world. Wish your friends and family with our Images and quotes.

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